Protector: The Ballad of Jimmy Fisher by Mark Gravil

Jimmy Fisher is special. He doesn't know it yet, but he is.

Knocked unconscious by a mysterious stranger, he starts to dream of the skies above his little town filling with giant spacecraft, and each time, as their shadow falls on his street, he wakes up.

Until one day he doesn't, and the mountainous ships are really here, ready to transform the world into a single, colossal factory, and its people into the workforce.

From that moment on the lives of Jimmy Fisher, his friends and his family will never be the same again.

With hidden powers awakened in him and others by a group of alien sisters, Protector: The Ballad of jimmy Fisher tells the story of seven very real teenagers confronted with all the usual struggles and awkwardness of adolescence, while, at the same time having to come to terms with the fact that they are in the front line in the fight against the Jhuurdreng Corporation, a race whose business is to subjugate the peoples of ten thousand planets and use them to provide for the needs of a galactic elite.

A science fiction adventure with real emotional power, Protector: The Ballad of jimmy Fisher is Book 1 in a series of 5, intended for ages 11 to 14.