Elusive Obsession - a book by Judy Kentrus


Looking for a fun, sexy romance with a twist?  23 Five star reviews on Amazon.

 “I don’t believe I’m doing this!” Julie muttered, trying to adjust the heart-shaped neckline of her black, sequined costume.  The B-cup is too small and my breasts are popping out.  I’m a widowed mother of two children but here I am about to pop out of a birthday cake and expose myself to a bunch of elderly males with nothing but horny memories!”

Find out what happens when they push the cake into the wrong party and the birthday boy is a handsome, virile male of 35.  Julie’s last minute favor to her sister changes her life in ways she never imagined.

Scott Landis is bored with his own surprise party.  When raunchy stripper music and the arrival of a sexy blond stripper in his birthday cake livens up the festivities, he decides to have some fun and wonders how much she would charge to celebrate his birthday in a more private setting.

Elusive Obsession is currently .99 as a pre-launch sale for the follow-up book, Maid to Order.  Sale ends July 15th.