Redemption - kindle ebook by Andrew Laurie

‘All stories need a hero. Sadly, I’m no hero. Now in my mid-thirties, I have a string of failed romances behind me, matched only by a series of poor financial investments. I’ve been in the same rented flat in East London for nearly ten years. I drink too much, smoke too much and I like a flutter on the horses….

The story of my early thirties was of my fall from grace. The drink, the women, the debts. The fast life style. The exit from The Guardian. Back to Hartford with a whimper, no more national profile, no more glory. Accepting a role as Deputy Editor in a team you can count on one hand, working for the Hartford Gazette, the best (and only) newspaper in Hartford. It’s the story you will hear now. A fall from glory and a redemption, of sorts.’

Drinker, smoker, mild drug abuser: not yet forty, journalist Rob Stanford has already seen better days. Spurned by the woman he loves, can he salvage some self-respect by solving the murder of his best friend?

‘A fast paced thriller which will leave you gasping for breath.’

‘Trainspotting meets Get Carter: Never have cigarettes and alcohol tasted so good.’