Mistress of the Wind - Kindle ebook by Michelle Diener


Fairy tales are explorations of our deepest fears and desires. The Norwegian fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon is no exception, as it delves into what rules bind us and why, and the inner and outer beauty in us all. That it does this by taking us on a breathtaking journey to the four corners of the world, and by giving us a heroine who defies all stereotypes only makes it more compelling. Mistress of the Wind is an adult retelling of this exciting, captivating tale - it stays true to the original, but adds a few twists of its own. Mistress of the Wind has recently been nominated by readers for an IRC Best Book 2014 award in the fantasy romance category.

About Mistress of the Wind:

Bjorn needs to find a very special woman . . .

The fate of his people, and his own life, depends on it. But when he does find her, she is nothing like he imagined, and may just harbor more secrets than he does himself.

Astrid has never taken well to commands. No matter who issues them . . .

She's clashed her whole life with her father, and now her lover, the mysterious man who comes to her bedroom in darkness and disappears to guard his mountain by day as a bear, is finding it out the hard way. And when he's taken by his enemies, no one is prepared for Astrid's response.

It is never wise to anger the mistress of the wind . . .

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