Money & Power: Come with mo' shit

This is my first book...ever. I’m a college student and started writing this book one day in between my classes. It didn't take me long to get it down. I have always had a passion for writing, so I put that skill to use. I self-published this book. At first I knew nothing about self-publishing, but I taught myself. I decided to do an urban fiction book because that was all I read growing up and I still read now. Those books are so interesting to me.

All of the characters are based off real life people. The twins Tez and Vez are growing up and learning their lessons as they go. Between handling the streets and their personal lives, things are getting very hectic for them. O’Sha and Nunni are best friends. They are good girls that fell in love with the bad guys. With O’Sha getting pregnant and not hearing from Tez, and Nunni not knowing if Vez made it or not, it’s driving them crazy. These two young couples are leaning how to balance their new lives together. This can either bring them closer together or push them farther away. With so many unanswered questions no one really knows what to do.