Nigeria, Biafra and Boko Haram - A non-fiction history and war crimes by Osita Ebiem

This is a historical book about a Nigeria that you have never heard about. It will open the reader’s eyes to new truths about the country. From beginning to the end the book does not pretend on the direction of its message: It is a book on how to divide Nigeria into countries with similarities of aspirations and interests.

It presents in very easy to follow language some well-thought out honest solutions to the seemingly endemic problems of the Nigerian country. Through very convincing arguments the book posits that the ongoing Islamic terrorism in Nigeria can easily be solved by dividing the country.

The book warns that the current Nigerian Boko Haram problem cannot be restrained for very long to the boundaries of Nigeria or even within those of the West African sub-region. The full force of the terroristic jihadists is bound to spill over and unleashed on as faraway places like Europe and North America if a non-politically correct and sincere solution is not quickly applied to the threat.

Already it seems like time is running out because of the delays caused by some sections of the media and policy makers which had erroneously suggested that the Islamic terrorism that is fast destroying the Northern part of Nigeria is because the people are poor and the result of poor management of the country's central government.

With a closer look through the arguments in this book it is not difficult to see how Nigeria’s problem is a structural problem rather than poverty or leadership issues. In conclusion the book insists that there is poverty and bad leadership in Nigeria in the first place only because there is one Nigeria: A united Nigeria. Divide or restructure Nigeria (separate the Christians from the Muslims) and poverty and poor leadership will cease.