Turner's Point - Kindle ebook by Gordon Osmond


Turner’s Point – a new novel from Gordon Osmond--a story of recognition, acceptance, atonement, recovery, and triumph through love and accomplishment.

Although the author is highly gratified by the many rave reviews his new novel has received on Amazon, see link above, having his Turner’s Point compared favorably to a Pulitzer Prize winner—Empire Falls, by Richard Russo--was clearly the cherry on the sundae!

Amazon critic, E.A.Fow, says in part:

“Turner’s Point is a big book with a lot of characters, plot lines, and heart. If you are a fan of novels like [Pulitzer-Prize-winning] Empire Falls by Richard Russo, you will fall right into the rhythms of this novel…Instead of being a novel of defeat and pain, it’s a funny, very human novel about people and their foibles, It’s a big, roomy book, by an author with a real grasp of language and an ear for dialogue, and the perfect read for the upcoming summer.”

The author’s writings have also been compared on Amazon to those of Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward, Kurt Vonnegut and other literary luminaries.

Reader’s Advisory—Turner’s Point contains sexually explicit material that may be puzzling to virgins and irritating to non-virgins that achieved that status less excitingly than the characters portrayed in Turner’s Point.

If, on a single day, you make your double cappuccino a single, you’ll save the price of this impressive addition to your collection of acclaimed contemporary American fiction.

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