SoulBusiness - Inspiring New York Business Story

Want to read a great story about how two New Yorkers went from having 33 bikes and one bathroom to earning real millions?

Here's the story, packed full of lessons you can apply to your business, anywhere in the world, whatever stage you are at, in any sector at all.

Anyone coming to New York is amazed by the number of great ideas they see all around them.

Some of these are new ideas and some are variations on old ideas.

Of course, New York is not unique. Great ideas and great businesses are everywhere. But there is just something about SoulCycle that captures the imagination. Watch the rest of the world catch the fever!

Inside Information, Real Actionable Lessons

What we have done is dig deep into SoulCycle as a great example of real bricks and mortar businesses that has thrived since starting out.

Coming out of this work is a book that:

    Really analyses why these businesses have been successful
    Shows you the steps they took to start and grow their business
    And, crucially, tells you what you can learn and apply yourself to any business, whether a start-up or a growing or mature business


The purpose is not to give you a business to copy, though you can do what you wish with the content. The real purpose value is in giving you the information that will make you successful, in any business.

Why You?

The real value is in taking the lessons learned from these businesses, and applying them to:

    Inspire you to start up your business
    Help you with those first steps as you actually start your business
    Enable you to become more successful, faster
    Show you how to improve and grow an existing business you own or manage
    Help you act as an advisor to other businesses that are starting or growing

It's Free!

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