The Island of Improbable Doom - kindle ebook by Paddy Stubbs

     Fancy a rollicking romp through the pages of an alternative history? Then look no further than The Island of Improbable Doom.

     When the psychotic ‘Lord of Darkness’ and his embarrassingly obsequious henchman plot the downfall of humanity, things begin to look pretty bleak for the hapless regulars of The Legless Newt tavern. Luckily for that surly, politically incorrect band of inebriates, there is one mortal capable of thwarting the dastardly plot, provided he’s permitted to finish the contents of his flagon, enjoy a romp with the mead maid and round off the evening with his customary Saturday night brawl.

     Sworn by the gods to a traumatic double whammy of celibacy and sobriety for the duration of the quest they insist he undertake, legendary warrior, drinker and womaniser Gorm of Deliria sets out for the villains’ lair on the fabled island, aided only by his wits (and consequently at an immediate disadvantage), magical sword and ragbag collection of sexy, cowardly, ill-tempered, double-crossing companions. Will our hero and his ‘friends’ succeed, or is humanity doomed to a fate worse than an eternity of party political broadcasts? My friends, there is but one way to find out.