Trial by Fire [Covencraft #1] - urban fantasy kindle ebook by Margarita Gakis

A fun and fast paced ride - If you like Urban Fantasy, you'll love Trial by Fire!
From an Review: Trial by Fire was great. Before I got even halfway through I was looking forward to the next book. The depth of character is so well written I knew that I wouldn't get to know them as much as I'd like in the first book. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and could not put the book down. There was enough excitement, action and mystery to keep me interested and engaged. I had some fun guessing where the story would go and got some laughs out of myself when I was wrong. I also enjoyed the dialog and how the author captured the way people would actually converse. It kept it from feeling scripted and made it that much more relatable. If you like this genre this is a great book for you to read!

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