Montana Sky - Kindle ebook by Kelly Miles

Lauren Raines has a degree in Journalism, graduated top of her class from NYU. She feels it’s a major accomplishment and the only thing she has to be proud of. She knew if her parents could only see her now they’d be disappointed. They’d be disappointed in her, in her life and her choices. She’d done nothing with her degree. She’d done nothing with the degree that they paid for, that they were so excited about. No, instead she was a housewife. A lonely housewife of a NYPD officer. An abusive cop. A man she thought she couldn’t escape. One faithful night she had no choice. It was either leave or be killed. Period. She will risk everything. Her money, her friends, her home…all for a chance. A chance to live outside the walls of her prison.

Luke Randolph was a rancher but it wasn’t by choice. At least not at first. His alcoholic father died, leaving him to pick up the pieces of the ranch and his mama’s heart. He was an abusive man so there wasn’t too much to miss, but just his absence had messed everything up. As star quarterback he thought he knew where his life was headed and it sure wasn’t here. His fiancée Lisa didn’t understand either. She didn’t understand why he couldn’t leave and never look back. Luke couldn’t leave the only thing he’d ever known. He couldn’t leave his mama and his friends to pick up the pieces. It wasn’t him. It wasn’t the way he was raised. When they couldn’t agree, things escalated and they fought. Unfortunately neither of them got the chance to set it straight when Lisa and their unborn child were killed in an accident.

Will Lauren and Luke be the answer to one another’s prayers? Will they be able to pull each other from the dark? The dark that holds them back, that keeps them from ever imagining the happily ever after they deserve, or will outside forces keep them apart?

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