Between the Shades of Light and Dark by Kathleen Lopez

"Between the Shades of Light and Dark" is a murder mystery set in a forgotten little Arizona town called Columbus Cove. This town has the quaint feeling of seclusion from not only the outside world but, practically, from time itself. On the outskirts of the town resides the Texas-born tyrant, Steven Harrigan, a ruthless, take-no-prisoners opportunist. He is a total contrast to his surroundings of this sleepy little Cove and the only true source of irritation of its inhabitants.  This tight-knit community has enjoyed being safeguarded from the harshness of the world, until suspicion and doubt creep into the minds of the community as the unthinkable rocks this little town—one of their own is accused of murder. Despite its sanctuary, it would seem there are more secrets that lie beneath the unpaved roads of Columbus Cove.

“Between the Shades of Light and Dark” (published by Xlibris) explores what happens when a small town loses its innocence.  When Samantha’s parents divorce and her mother moves her to Columbus Cove, she feels isolated. There is almost no one there her age, nothing to do, and she’s nowhere near her father. When a young man named Channing moves into town, Samantha finally feels she has someone to relate to. Everything will change when a brutal murder wakes the sleepy town.

An excerpt from “Between the Shades of Light and Dark”:

“Standing by the river, she remembered how it all started, right here, with a simple mistake. She stood lost in thought on the edge of the riverbank. Her hair whipped violently in the gusty wind, jostling about her face. She stood there crying by the river, her tears taking flight in the wind. She blamed herself. She was the catalyst. She set everything in motion. The wind died down slightly, gracefully sweeping her hair across her face. Her eyes would then be shielded momentarily from looking back; she wished she could have changed what had happened.”

Between the Shades of Light and Dark marks the first book publication for Kathleen Lopez.