Decades of Fear by Andrew Weiner

Writing a book was part of my bucket list. I am a writing addict and happy of it. I have dyslexia, so to me, this is truly an accomplishment.

The idea for “Decades of Fear” came from a paranormal TV show whose location was the Hoia Baciu Forest in Cluj Napoca Romania. It is said to be the most haunted forest in the world. During the show it was said that one evil entity that inhabits the forest was none other than Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad The Impaler who was a feared ruler in the middle ages. The told stories of people entering the forest and not returning, or returning years later. There were also instances of strange lights, forces and apparitions.

I took this and decided to run with it. I did include the instances that research did dictate, but I was also able to harness a lot of imagination and give it the terror in parts of the book, but also a sleuth quality for the group of children in the book. They were frightened and brave at the same time and only wanted to find the truth. There were adventures and ghost stories within  the book that are original and should keep a fan of the genre coming back for more.

I truly believe that the ending is a type never before seen in any horror/supernatural genre publication.