Circumstance - kindle ebook by Kristin M. Parker

Do you believe in true love?  In soul mates?  In the idea that one perfect person is destined for each one of us?

Living in wealthy 1842 America, Amelia Conrad has been raised to follow the path her parents have paved for her.  Each lonely step along the way has brought Amelia further from who she truly is, from the desires of her heart.  All of that begins to change one summer at the beach when Amelia encounters Charles.  In that one moment, she sees life in a way she never had before.  The era in which Amelia lives may be an obstacle in her path toward love, happiness, and a contented future, but she does her best to alter her predetermined destiny.

Conversely, Whitney has the world at her fingertips.  Living in the year 1988, she is free to forge her own path in life, towards love and true contentment.  The restraints present in Whitney’s life have not been placed upon her; rather, she has created them all on her own.  Trapped in a life she no longer wants to lead, Whitney escapes to the beach to collect her thoughts and reevaluate her future.

The two women, separated by over one-hundred years, are bound by one common thread – a desire for truth and happiness.  Told at a beach setting, “Circumstance” is a novel for anyone who believes in the power of true love. The reader will experience Amelia and Whitney as they are guided through time and space, in search of love and redemption.  Their uncanny connection to a Victorian home on the bay, an aqua-marine engagement ring, and a collection of love letters just may lead one or both of these women towards the love of their life.

Experience Circumstance and reignite your belief in true love.

Circumstance will be available on Kindle at a discounted price on Friday, July 18th.  Purchase it for only 99 cents on that day!