To Liberia Destiny's Timing - Kindle ebook by Victoria S. Lang

Historical fiction of long-overlooked Black American Matilda Newport whose name stirs bitterness in many quarters, having helped established a nation through a twist of fate and ushering in rule by Black American freed slaves, who fled oppression in America to become oppressors and masters in Africa.

A cynical portrayal of the weakness, selfishness, greed and superstitious nature of the human mind that has a domino effect that vibrates through years of history to result in a nation now in conflict in the twenty first century.  Depicts the ingrained prejudice of black American despising their African roots in the early years and their evolution to recognizing and identifying themselves as Africans.

A story, nevertheless, of triumph against the odds of survival through guts, determination and faith. A tale immersed in deep traditional folklore of the native African that persists today.