Fantasy Football Via Upside Down Drafting- kindle ebook by Jonathan Bauman

Upside Down Drafting is a unique strategy for those Fantasy Football Owners who "Think" outside the Box.

Jonathan Bauman doesn't believe in "Playing it Safe" in Fantasy Football-- he wins repeatedly by using a high-reward/low risk, surprisingly little known drafting method that will upgrade your squad to the next level. Once he shares his Fantasy Draft Day secrets with you in this easy-to-follow book, you'll be equipped and supremely confident before your Fantasy Football League Draft.
All you need is an advantage over your competition, and this 100-page Quick Guide provides you with the necessary tools that your buddies will only wish they had on Draft Day.

"If you're serious about Dominating your Fantasy Football League--Then this book is for you!" It's the perfect reading material for your Summer vacation, or handy to have right up until your big Draft day.  Edited by Lew Riley--who was the famous Little League World Series pitcher for La Mesa California in the 1957 classic game vs. Mexico.  There was a Movie made following titled: The Perfect Game which showcases this awesome story.