The Eye of Solomon - Kindle eBook by Miro Ringbolt

Patrick Redman feels helpless to save his dead friend’s girlfriend from the vile Kenyan prison where she is held. Languishing in England, his naval career in tatters and stony broke; his passport confiscated pending his extradition to share her fate, it seems impossible. So he drifts instead into drunken depression, alienates his few remaining friends, and even contemplates suicide. But then with the help of feisty wine bar owner, Laura he finally drags himself out of the doldrums and works out a daring but reckless plan.

Fast moving, edge-of-seat adventure set in the sultry heat of East Africa, from the beautiful tropical reefs of Kenya to the empty wide plains of the Maasai Steppe, and with authentic portrayal of life aboard a British warship. The story is set in a time before the Internet or mobile phones, when Kenya is still coming to terms with independence, where corruption and violence are the rule rather than the exception and brutal murder is commonplace.

Excerpt: [During his watch the moon had risen above the distant peaks to the east, a bright silver egg, a little past its second quarter, dimmed the stars and threw a ghostly light over the savannah.
Jake had been thinking about what they would do if the soldiers showed up while they were laid up here. Far better than getting caught in the open, he decided. He had a plan.
He hopped down from his post and woke the others. ‘We’ve got company.’ he said, kicking the fire out and stamping on the embers. ‘Vehicle headed this way, be here in about fifteen minutes.’
‘Is it them?’ said Jax, wide eyed and fearful.
‘We’ve got to assume so.’ said Jake, pulling the two handguns from Patrick’s bag. He checked the loads again, handed one to Patrick and turned to the two women. ‘Can either of you shoot one of these?’
Lisbeth shook her head.]