Inside the Fire - a psychological horror novel by R. M. Grace

A psychedelic story about murders, monsters and nightmares!

Jason appears to be just your average guy with a solid job at DarkSide Comics, that is until he wakes up in the field where the local serial killers were buried. He has no idea how he managed to get there whilst sleepwalking in the middle of the night, but he is deeply unsettled as it is something he hasn't done since he was a kid -- since the killers walked the streets. What is most startling is the killers' graves are empty.

New murders begin occurring around the city as Jason begins having terrible nightmares and sickening visions that plague his waking life, seeming to stem from a past he cannot recall and is positive is not his own. Despite the rumors that the killers are back straight from the past, he knows there is more going on here than everyone is being led to believe.

As malicious figures start coming into Jason's bedroom at night, he begins being stalked by a young boy who never speaks, giving Jason the belief that he knows not only who these new killers are, but can disclose the answers to what is now tearing his own world apart. With nothing to lose, Jason finds that the only way he can be sure of anything is to journey back into his past to discover the truth about these new murders and the secrets that lace his own being, so he follows the boy into a disturbing world beneath the one he knows where there is nothing but darkness. The never ending darkness and the ghastly things that lurk inside it.