The Tale of Old Man Fischer - Kindle ebook by Russell

Something is happening in Shane’s neighborhood.  At school, he overhears his teacher telling his mother about more missing animals that happened again last night.  On the playground during recess, Shane’s best friend, Jack, faces the school bully, Mike.  Instead of harassing Jack, Mike tells Shane a story about his missing dog and his brother’s confrontation with Old Man Fischer who everyone fears. But that was seven years ago!   Later that day, Shane recants the story for his mother which peaks her curiosity. At that moment she telephones Old Man Fischer and sets up a time to meet with him. Entering his dirty, dark, dank house, Shane notices the collections of books in his library, and the Blue Morpha Butterfly suspended in a small display case.
Seeing Shane’s interest in his belongings, Old Man Fisher begins to tell them of his tale of his life. Weaving through history, Old Man Fischer describes his childhood in Eastern Europe, becoming an entomologist, finding his true love, Jillian, and embarking on a spectacular project in Central America for the university.  On this journey, a catastrophic event occurs—the eruption of Mount Arenal.  Upon the demand of the university, he, Jillian and his team must go to the area.  Once there, the volcanic explosion unearthed a new mysterious cavern full of wonders.  Yet, at the same moment of discovery, Jillian falls in the cavern and suffers from an unknown illness.  Dr. Fischer then decides to return back to the States.

At the end of Dr. Fischer’s story, Shane believes that the elderly man was not giving the whole story.  Something had been missing.  When Old Man Fischer had vowed never to return, he does.  Only then, Shane begins to ask, What are you hiding Old Man Fischer? After couple of serious family issues, Shane is focused more than ever to find out what is in Old Man Fischer’s house.  Bringing his friend, Jack, they enter the house in hopes to find out the truth.  Yet, they do.  And soon Shane will understand why Old Man Fischer went back to Central America in an intense roller coaster ending…
Hello my name is Russell.  Being a creative person, I found myself in a restaurant kitchen as a Chef and prepared many different types of cuisine ranging from classic French, savory Italian to spicy Hispanic foods for my clientele. Still, I always had a desire to move beyond creating entrees into a different form of media.  In my spare time (which was far and few in between), I plugged at different writing projects being inspired by many modern authors.  More so, my graduate studies in Sociology allowed me to better appreciate the works of both classic and modern social theorists.  As a result, I have several projects in the works, The Tale of Old Man Fischer is a peak into my turbulent mind. Enjoy!

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