Lady Anna's Secret Garden - a kindle ebook by S. Thomas Kaza

A middle grader fantasy adventure!

When brothers, Will and Ken, discover a secret garden behind their new home, little do they realize they have just unleashed forces which could destroy the garden and all the gentle creatures in it. After a second visit they learn the truth, and Ken vows never to set foot in the garden again. But Will feels responsible. The brother's struggle to overcome their differences. Their search to learn the secret of a magic wand which could save the garden takes them across town and back again to the secret garden, where a dangerous enemy awaits them at the end of the world.

I wrote this book for my children. The two main characters are loosely based on them. The house which we just moved into at the time provided the inspiration for the setting. I wanted to write a fantasy story, but something different from the usual fare of elves, dwarves, and goblins. So I set out to create a whole new set of creatures and a different basis for the magic used in the world. As a result, there are jingle birds, hoploppers, yellow coyotes, tree skunks, punk crows, buddlewogs, and more.

This fantasy adventure has elements of a mystery story, a quest, and sibling rivalry. And in the end there is a lesson for the young reader as the brothers find a way to respect their differences and cooperate.