The Galadima Conspiracy - Kindle Ebook By Dan Abubakar

When President Galadima of Nigeria goes AWOL, the entire world is curious about the situation.

When a former KGB agent ‘sees’ him die, the world wants proof.

When an aspiring New York based blogger reports the ‘rumor’ he becomes the target of a nefarious assassin who would stop at nothing to see him dead.

What is real, what is not and what dark secret is everyone including the CIA trying to hide?

From Saudi Arabia to London, New York to Nigeria, former CIA agent Leah Givens and blogger Dele Pearce must stay ahead of a destructive plot of a powerful group of people while trying to stay alive and uncover an unlikely scheme to bring President Galadima back to office.

Inspired by actual events, this non stop action packed thriller would keep you at the edge of your seat till it's over.

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