TECATE PEAK By Michael Hudon


This story starts with action and ends with action. In between, in its almost 300 delicious pages, there are continuing and interwoven subplots packed full with passion, drama, love lost and regained, moral dilemma, brotherhood, and suspense, always sandwiched by more action. Tecate Peak traces the ebb and flow, the frenzy and the calm that is the day to day life of Harry Dugan, a cop from a family of cops who proves to be the epitome of the old adage “no good deed goes unpunished”, who finds himself , at age thirty three, jettisoned from a promising career in law enforcement and a ten year happy marriage, with the requisite rose covered cottage in the New England countryside. Haunted by the appearance of wrong doing on the job, and a one night affair that didn't happen, banished by his wife, who says she still loves him, and betrayed by the man who was like a brother to him, his partner, his friend, Harry stumbles blindly into a world that's new to him. Now, over forty, starting from scratch in a place he's never been, 3000 miles away from  everything that is dear to him, his only lifeline is an old wrinkled slip of paper with a man's name and phone number.

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