The Hungry House - kindle ebook by Elizabeth Amelia Barrington

The Hungry House is a gripping suspense tale with a tender and passionate romance set in Portland, Oregon’s stylish neighborhoods and hangouts--from its hipster cafes to the restaurants and private clubs of the rich and powerful.

Gorgeous university freshman Vicky Howell has fallen on hard times and it seems that poverty and her mother’s failing health will swallow her whole. Enter billionaire Frank Armstrong to the rescue. With his help, she enters a world of wealth and privilege but danger lurks in the shadows of his luxurious mansion.

Vicky meets fun-loving hunk Paul Olson in her first class and sparks fly. Just when everything seems to be going her way, tragedy strikes. She suffers severe trials and loses her way for a time by turning her back on her faith and her belief that there is ultimate meaning in life. Loyal friends and powerful strangers help her on her journey toward the novel’s shocking and redemptive conclusion.
This page-turner will keep you up at night and will stay with you long after you read the final page. It is a romantic suspense novel for our time with a hidden message to the world, full of thrills and plot twists to keep you guessing.