The Bird Room - Kindle ebook by Chad Hofmann

Do you remember your favorite book, or television show, or character from your childhood? Mine was Merlin, I thought he was the best of the best; a timeless wizard who fought alongside King Arthur with the strongest magic in existence. How do you not love that guy?

When we were children my brother and I would go play in the woods around our neighborhood with our friends. A lot of the time we would act out new wars or stories, featuring ourselves as our favorite mythical creatures and characters; wielding the sharpest and finest stick weapons in all the land. I naturally chose to be Merlin each time, creating new endings and completely new stories to the ones already being told.

I used to love imagining what was happening after the words on the page ended. It wasn't always a game with my friends in the woods; sometimes I would just sit and think, or write and let my imagination wander to the place where my favorite characters were hanging out.

That's what The Bird Room is. A book of short stories that will take you back to that place where your mind won't let you stop until you have taken the time to think about what comes next. However, don't look for the cheer that you see in my childhood Merlin memory. These tales will take you to the darkest parts of your imagination and chill the soul. If you love the sad and twisted, or the eerie and weird, this book will quench your dark thirst. Be warned; you may find yourself staring at the dark ceiling in your silent bedroom, sleepless, wondering...what if?