That Year - a Action/Adventure story by M.J. Fontana

Freshman Matt James attempts to unite his high school to bring down the villainous Joey Fontane

Quiet and reserved student Matt James is preparing to start his high school career. Though anxious about beginning high school and getting closer to entering "the real world", he feels at ease knowing that he won't be facing high school alone, until his first true love Victoria unsuspectingly breaks up with him a week before the new year begins.

Matt will be tested in his freshman year as he tries to unite the school against drug dealer Joey Fontane and his gang, who have control of the school out of fear. Uniting the school against Fontane won't be easy and will test him and the entire school, but stopping Fontane is something that must be done. Only question is at what cost and how far do you go in an attempt to do what's right?