The Blackout! And Other Tales From Around The House - A Kindle humor ebook by John Bryson

"The sub-zero weather would not be kind to a man in fluffy slippers and a Huey Lewis t-shirt."

The advice of industry experts, guidance counselors, the Clergy, and the Surgeon General has never been something that has resonated with John Bryson, so rebelling against all common sense, he has compiled his first book, “The Blackout! And Other Tales From Around The House.”

The book contains nine humorous tales of domestic missteps, ranging from getting locked out of the house to avoiding third degree burns while cleaning his yard. The book is loaded with fresh material, cultural references, and word play while visiting some classic themes, the most prevalent being sometimes things just don’t go right.  ”The Blackout! And Other Tales From Around The House” is a quick read, safe for work and family, and currently available in eBook format through Amazon.

"Having houseguests over the weekend, our lower level bathroom, usually frequented as often as a kissing booth manned by Dick Cheney, was finally being put to good use."

Ian Strang, Author of The Grand Scheme of Things, summed it up well:

“The Blackout! And Other Tales From Around The House by John Bryson is a hilarious collection of short stories that describes in humorous and often painfully relatable detail the challenges of life in a suburban house. Cats, wives, children, freezers full of food, hairballs, hardware stores, busybody neighbors, and even a Falco reference help stitch together a typical day in Midwestern USA, a place where American humor comes from. The Blackout! is as refreshing as it is enjoyable, a true celebration of the art of the short story. I highly recommend this book.”

Connect with John at his website and on Twitter @SmackOfHamBlog.

“We were probably good for a few days if we could live off Cheez-Its and popcorn. When those ran out, we could live for another day on fruit and vegetables, if you call that living.”