The Buddha Technology - kindle ebook by Douglas Reid

“This is a great coming of age book where finding solutions to emotional baggage hits the realities of modern living. The characters are engaging and you find yourself wondering just how you would do if you found yourself in the same situation.” G. Macdonald
“Just re-read your novel - I love it ... the characters have come to life (really like Tom and Linda, Harold and Nancy), the dialogue was very realistic.  Overall, I really liked it.  And your aim to educate on meditation and the peace that comes with accepting and living with your reality without blaming yourself came through.” M. Roxborough

Just a couple of readers who have enjoyed reading The Buddha Technology and have found it inspirational.

The novel follows a young man’s quest to find peace and a purpose to his life, taking the reader along on the journey.  Along the way, Tom experiences several kinds of suffering and loss and grows through the process, emerging stronger and more focused.

Tom and other main characters question everything from traditional faith to new age, to the probing of consciousness by science.   The attempt to find a shortcut to enlightenment is brought into sharp focus by an exotic research project which suggested the novel’s title -The Buddha Technology.  It offers no easy answers, but will leave the reader more aware, more attuned to the power of the true self.