Wyvern Hunters - kindle ebook by Klay Testamark


Nobody cares about halflings. They can’t do magic and they don’t live long. Because Brandish runs on wizardry, half the jobs are closed to them. And because Brandish runs on skilled labour, the other half might as well be. It’s a waste of time to apprentice halflings, who live for less than a century. That’s why they’ll always be second-class citizens.

Who cares if a wyvern is terrorizing their villages? Halflings can always breed more halflings. Let them choke the monster with their bodies. No elf needs to get involved.

But Angrod Veneanar disagrees. He has vowed to destroy the man-eating wyvern because, as crown prince, he needs all the goodwill he can get. He also does it to fulfill a boy’s dying wish. With Mina, Heronimo, and the dragon Cruix, our hero joins a professional hunting party made up of seven of the most dangerous halflings in the world.

However, what they’re up against is like nothing they’ve ever seen. It hunts for pleasure. It kills for sport. Deep in the wilderness, none of them is safe. Soon the hunt will begin.