BirthControl - a paranormal romance by Sydney Addae

When you’re the top wolf on the continent with the backing of the Goddess, how does an enemy topple your kingdom? By challenging you to a fight?  No. By changing the rules.

Silas Knight, La Patron of the wolf nation, grudgingly accepts his fate and his human mate who now carries his pups. He is not convinced if she is a blessing or curse and prays to the Goddess for an answer. With no response from his deity, he whisks Jasmine Bennett and her two sons to his compound in West Virginia. He contacts all fifty Alphas in the nation to deal with the new threat, humans giving birth to wolves. He is astounded by the answers he receives, and realizes he has been targeted for extinction,

Jasmine Bennett had no idea her twin sons or her deceased husband was anything other than, well, human. Shock, anger and disbelief are a few emotions that raced through her system when she discovers she is pregnant by Silas and will be having his "pups". Disheartened and not fully understanding who he was, she agrees to move-in with him for a short while.

Trouble knocks on the door as another human breeder comes looking for Silas, and decides to take matters into her own hands. Jasmine realizes that Silas is the best port for her in the midst of the storm and rushes to save him. In the end will Silas accept the impossible? Can he overcome a lifetime of biases and reach for happiness?

Book 2 of the Birth Series by Sydney Addae
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