Totem (Book 1: Scars) - kindle ebook by C. Michael Lorion

If you're looking for a story that crosses genres, this book just may be what you're searching for. It's the story of two cultures that will clash over the small town of Old Wachusett, Massachusetts. The great blizzard of '78 is on the way, and so are two Native Americans from the past, one seeking vengeance for a past massacre, the other willing to do anything to save the people of Old Wachusett.

Is it science fiction, fantasy, horror, dark fantasy, family drama, thriller, suspense? Yes, it's all of those. You'll meet Kimi and Achak, the visitors from the past; Abby and Josh, two teens dealing with family issues and relationship problems; Edward, the pastor who's not had the best of times recently; Carl, a man seeking his own revenge; and David and Constance, whose marriage is on the verge of collapsing. Not to mention the Elders and Warriors waiting on the other side of The Passage, and the Totem that must be found. What's the Totem? It's...well, if I told you, that would sort of spoil the fun, wouldn't it?

Take all of these characters, mix in a blizzard, supernatural forces, and people trying to deal with everyday life, and you've got Totem (Book 1: Scars), my debut novel, and the first in the Totem series.

Give it try. At $0.99, what have you got to lose? Oh, and look for the next installment coming out late 2014 or early 2015, Totem (Book 2: Ashes).