China - Current Life and Traditional Culture - kindle Ebook by Orna Taub

China - Current Life and Traditional Culture

Almost 20% of our planet is Chinese, yet many of the other 80% have little understanding about them.
 The Chinese traditional culture is vast,mysterious for most of the western world but attracts the curiosity and interest of many western people.The traditional culture has a great impact on the Chinese people although it was distracted by the communist party.The modern Chinese people life and habits are all based on the traditional culture.but still,many new elements enter to the Chinese people modern life.some of the Chinese people habits may look strange and sometimes funny to the westerner eyes.but once being introduced to the Chinese culture and modern life,the appetite to discover more and more only grow bigger and bigger.That’s what inspired me to create this book.
The interest and curiosity of western people for the Chinese culture and everyday life comes from the unimaginable differences between the western culture and life and the Chinese.these differences cause many Embarrassing incidents for westerners in China.

In my book I tried to reveal  the most interesting aspects of the Chinese life and culture in a vivid manner.
To name only some of the differences between the Chinese people and the westerners which might cause Embarrassing incidents :

Dealing with Business Counterparts:  China  - Indirect; courteous; take things personally; long memory for both favors and humiliations   west- Direct; more "matter-of-fact"; memory for conflict is suppressed by business objective.
Values: China- Humility" viewed as a virtue  west- Humility" is a sign of weakness; there is every reason for the able to be proud.China - Respect for seniority, wisdom, ability. West- Respect for success, achievement, wealth. Tolerance for  difference of opinions:China- Openly – very receptive; but actually, less so. West- More open.
Communication:    business: China- Quiet and reserved; clumsy communicators.west-Outspoken; eloquent; effective communicators
Personal:  China-family is a private matter,openly ask about the salary etc. West: the opposite
Manage with problems  : China-try to bypass the obstacle west- meet with the obstacle and try to solve it beauty: China- praise the white skin west- praise the Tanned skin.
China- noisy in public places and restaurants west- much less noise in restaurants and public places China- anger inside ,a smile outside  west- not exactly so.China- it is acceptable to be late for appointments ten to fifteen minutes. West- inquire punctuation. And more and more...
In the book you will find subjects like :

Youth People's Worries , Chinese Style Of Crossing Road  ,  Getting A Driving License ,  Forced Marriage  ,inside the family issues,Chinese Internet,Chinese traditional  handicraft,issues concerning the education system,very special phenomena in the Chinese industry,women in China,

The Chinese sericulture (Silk industry) and much much more.
The book enables the reader to get a good perspective about China and the Chinese people today in the light of the extraordinary amazing and vast  traditional culture.