365 Daily Reflections for Inspiration and Spiritual Awakening - Kindle ebook by Margaret Curley Sanborn


Allow a few minutes of reflection each day change your perspective and your life. It’s a million little things that add up to a bad day or a terrific day, to pain and anger or joy and peace. You choose constantly without knowing the choices.

You are made of Love! It’s all you are and is all you will ever be. You were created by the extension of Divine Love and remain so in truth. Remembering that and operating from that place in this world can change your life.

365 Daily Reflections for Inspiration and Spiritual Awakening gives you a quick and gentle way to reground yourself in your reality beyond the daily grind. Give yourself the gift of remembering for just a few minutes each day. Whether you are struggling with anger, injustice, fear or lack of forgiveness, there is a shift in perspective that can help you see your circumstances in a new, freeing way. The book can be followed day by day, or searched by topic for precisely the message you need at a given moment.

Rated 4.6 stars by the first 11 Amazon reviewers, there is a good chance that some of what you need to live with less stress and more happiness can be found in its pages. Take a look. A new world awaits.