Ghosts of Orion - kindle ebook by Doug L. Hoffman

Billy Ray Vincent and Bobby Danner have been with the Peggy Sue since humanity's first voyage to the stars. They have discovered strange worlds and even stranger aliens; fought and defeated the minions of those implacable foes of all warm life, the Dark Lords; and help save life on Earth from extinction. Now, accompanied by their significant others – Beth Melaku and Mizuki Ogawa,respectively – the former junior officers are setting forth to find their fortunes amongst the stars of the Orion Arm. But it's a big galaxy and there are many secrets burred with those treasures and mysteries that conceal deadly perils. Case in point, a habitable superearth in a triple star system seems a perfect location for Earth's first colony outside the solar system: a moderate climate, a breathable atmosphere, gravity only 30% more than home, and no indigenous life.

The Colonization Board decides to send three groups of settlers to begin life anew on this world called Paradise. Captain Vincent and crew are sent by the Honorable Orion Arm Trading Company to make sure the there was nothing overlooked before the colonists settle in—nothing valuable, and nothing dangerous. The Peggy Sue's scientists, lead by katana wielding astrophysicist Dr. Mizuki Ogawa, can't understand how a lifeless planet can have a breathable atmosphere, just right for Earth
life. Before the settlers arrive the crew discover that the mystery planet used to have life, used to have a civilization more advanced than humanity, all of which vanished over 10,000 years ago. As the colonists start building their settlements and the Peggy Sue moves on, her crew still ponders the secrets kept by the Ghosts of Orion.