Beacon of Vengeance, A Novel of Nazi Germany - a kindle ebook by Patrick W. O'Bryon

In the summer of 1941 America edges closer to joining the Allied battle against Hitler’s victorious armies …but a dangerous spy game is already underway.

Reluctant former operative Ryan Lemmon disappears in Nazi-occupied France, a country riddled with corruption and deceit. Now working ostensibly to the State Department’s Special War Problems Division, Ryan has actually accepted a covert assignment for America’s newly centralized intelligence office under William “Wild Bill” Donovan. His official task– undermine German intelligence operations across Occupied Europe.

Independent-minded Ryan’s first goal however remains deeply personal–to release friends from a fascist internment camp while they still have hope for survival.

Ryan enters a defeated France torn by German exploitation and French collaboration, a cauldron of deception and unbridled cruelty teeming with unexpected dangers: a dying British MI6 agent whose help may prove deadly, a beautiful partisan whose cold heart could make or break his mission, a former lover trapped between Nazi operatives and the violent Parisian underworld. And deep in the shadows, a ruthless enemy plays a treacherous game of cunning and subterfuge.

Beacon of Vengeance, the new thriller inspired by the undercover life of the author’s late father in Nazi Europe, is the second volume in the Corridor of Darkness trilogy.

Corridor of Darkness has been honored with the B.R.A.G Gold Medallion, the AIA Gold Seal of Excellence, the Compulsion Reads endorsement, and a Bronze Medal in the 2014 international Independent Publisher Book Awards.