The Pieces of Life - kindle ebook by Corbin Newcomb

I had one goal in writing this book: To change the way you view the world.

This is a collection of thoughts, with diary entries and beautiful uplifting messages. This book lets you into the most intimate and dark times, and also conveys the beauty and tragedy of love, staying strong and having hope, and how to live your life with happiness. The Pieces of Life allows readers to feel raw and real emotional struggles and this unique perspective will help you to see how to not only get through life, but to embrace it. Every day challenges are written in a beautiful way, and will open your eyes to what you just may be missing around you. It's touching, uplifting, and will prove to you that no matter how bad things get, you can embrace your life by accepting what you can't change, loving unconditionally, and changing your perspective.

Chapters include: The Ocean & Love, The Sun & The World's Beauty, The Earth & People, Fire & Hard Times, The Stars & Being Strong,  Heaven & God The Universe & Hope & Happiness

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