Beneath the Blossom Tree by Laura Bailey

" that moment I realised that being with the man I love for any length of time was worth the risk of losing again..."

Beneath the Blossom Tree is the harrowing tale of Laylla Jonson as she struggles to overcome the death of both her parents. Alone in the world, having lost touch with her friends and abandoned by her self-indulged relatives, Laylla feels she has little to live for but the memories of her parents will not let her give in.

With nowhere else to turn, Laylla enrols in university, intending to pursue a life of solitude and self-exclusion. But this is something her new friends simply will not let her do! Forced into socialising, Laylla realises every life has a story and she is not as alone as she once thought.

As she begins to recover pieces of her old self, Laylla meets the enigmatic, unfathomable and very desirable Jacob Bennett. Laylla and Jacob fight their feelings, each wrestling their inner demons. When Jacob realises Laylla means more to him than he has ever felt before, he will do anything in his power to break down her walls but this is one battle he may be destined to lose.

*Beneath the Blossom Tree is an emotional romance based on a true story.  The lead protagonist has lost both her parents to brain tumours.  Profits from the first 5,000 downloads of the Kindle Edition of the book will be donated to The Brain Tumour Charity to fund research and support for brain tumour sufferers and their carers*