Ink Deep - eKindle Romance by Renee Lovins

This romance is a little bit of Beauty and the Beast meets The Ugly Duckling.  It is a book for lovers of stories that move you. I've already had people purchase the hard copy after buying the ebook, because they wanted to have these pages in their hands.  I can't think of a better compliment.

All of us want to be beautiful, but Briony Carmichael has lived a life looking like a monster.  When she takes a chance to be the living canvas for dying tattoo artist Corbin Franklin, she doesn't realize how much her world will change. From visits to a burn ward, going to the mall, experiencing the touch of a man interested in her, Briony will never regret this choice.

Corbin is dying, but the chance to leave his art behind is one he can't lose.  Tired of beautiful women, and bad at relationships, he isn't ready for a girl with green eyes and scars covering her body to change his world.  Through her he begins to see that though dying, he has a chance for something wonderful, her love.

Follow their journey; past parents whose guilt drives them, a tumor that will kill him, and fear of those that are different, and watch them fight for love in the face of everything.

I hope you enjoy my non-traditional romance, and cry at the knowledge that even a cynical heart can learn to see through eyes of love and a gamer girl burn victim can be the most beautiful woman in the world.