Benjamin the Little Brown Bear Who Loved to Spell - kindle ebook by Paula M Ezop

Hi, I’m Bobear.  Benjamin and I are best friends.  Let me tell you about him.  You see, Benjamin is no ordinary bear.  No, Benjamin is a little brown bear who loves to spell.  Yes, that’s right, he simply loves to spell.   That makes Benjamin a very special little brown bear.  Not only does he love to spell, but he loves rhyming words.  You know words like, bread and head, love and dove, wish and dish – yes he loves rhyming words.

Benjamin has more paper, pens, and books than any bear I ever met.  In fact to be quite honest, I don’t know any bear that has paper, pens, and books.  Do you?
Can you keep a secret?  You can – can you…  Well, this is something no one knows about Benjamin.  Benjamin’s mother doesn’t even know, it’s not even in the story book about Benjamin and me.  So, I hope that you can keep a secret.  I mean you really have to keep the secret that I’m about to tell you… Are you ready?  Well, Benjamin even spells in his sleep.  I know some bears sleep walk, but Benjamin spells in his sleep.  I couldn’t believe it, the first time Benjamin and I went camping together he woke me up spelling.   I didn’t get any sleep that night.  All Benjamin did was spell, spell, and spell.  So I guess Benjamin really is the little brown bear who loves to spell!
Now remember it’s our little secret.  I hope you will read about my friend Benjamin, he really is special, after all he is a little brown bear who loves to spell!

Bobear Benjamin’s very best friend

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