Someone To Come Home To - kindle ebook by Zanne Sweeney

Someone To Come Home To (Uncut Edition) is hot, steamy, romantic, suspenseful, and is intended for mature readers. The LOLL Book Club read out loud the chapter that Jess showed some kink using Kit's dining room table. (Wine was needed!)

Kit and Jess' first encounter:

Kit turned down the road that lead to the fire station and Maize knew where they were headed so she moved her cream colored legs faster forcing Kit to pick up her pace. When they got to the firehouse Maize’s owner came running bringing her a water and Maize a dog biscuit. The men were washing one of the rigs and they all waved to her. Kit noticed a new man washing the front end of the truck. He looked up from his task and sent her a lazy smile before returning to his grill scrubbing.
Bud, who was currently on his knees petting Maize his beloved dog called out towards the truck. “Jess come here, you need to meet Kit.”
Kit looked up to see the new guy drop his sponge in the bucket near him and walk, make that swagger, towards them.
The guy was drop-dead gorgeous. His body commanded serious space. He had to be 6’4’ easily. His shoulders were wide under his blue uniform and she could see his arms were muscled as they stretched the blue fabric tight around his bicep. Back east some men purposely wore smaller sized shirts to accent their muscles, but Kit knew, without a shadow of a doubt, this man did not play that game. He was perfectly sculpted and all male. She inadvertently wondered what he looked like out of his clothes. Kit had to slam her eyes shut to force that random thought away. She was reminded of Colt’s gorgeous body and she had to push that vision out as well, because it was his body and face that she conjured up late at night when pleasuring herself.
The man Bud had called Jess, had honey blond hair that reached the back of his blue uniform collar. It looked soft and Kit wished she could run her fingers through it. He had indigo blue eyes that twinkled in the morning sun. His white-toothed adorable smile looked casual but mischievous too. Kit knew this man was trouble just by how he already had her heart thumping. She didn’t normally react to most men, but then she thought he was not your garden-variety male either. She knew he was one of those men that had woman at his beck and call, twenty-four -seven.
The man walked to where they stood on the station's paved drive and Bud introduced them. “Jess Ryan this is Kit, she’s the one we were telling you about that boards dogs.”
Jess stuck out his hand and Kit wiped her sweaty hand on her shirt before placing it in his larger one. “Hi.” She said shyly. Jess smiled when she had wiped her hand. His first think he noticed upon seeing her was that she was cute, however the closer he got to her he realized that she was gorgeous. When she wiped her hand he thought she seemed almost timid.
“Hi, any chance you have room for my dog too?” Jess asked.
“Hi, sure, what kind is it?”
“She’s a German Shepard, Lulu. She is well behaved I promise.”
“Lulu, cute name. Just call me with your schedule.  The guys can give you my number. Will Lulu like our walks to the station too?” Kit was trying to appear nonchalant but for some ungodly reason her mind wasn’t working and her mouth had dried up. She took a large gulp from the water bottle Bud had given her and the water went down the wrong pipe. She sputtered helplessly embarrassed as it spilt out of her mouth and sloshed down her shirtfront.
Bud laughed. “Kit no need to chug I’ll get you another.”
Jess continued to look at her with his brilliantly beautiful eyes, smiling away with a knowing grin.
Cripes! Kit thought he knows I’m attracted to him. She turned crimson under their scrutiny and lowered her eyes to Maize trying to calm herself.
Jess decided to help her out. “She craves to be outside and I run with her daily. Lulu will love jogging here and honestly I’ll love seeing her. I haven’t been separated from her too often in the past two years so leaving her has been hard.”
Kit looked at him and tilted her head giving him a questioning look.
“Lulu is a war dog, a bomb sniffer. I was her handler in Afghanistan. She was retired when I finished my tour so I was allowed to adopt her. We’ve spent a lot of time together.”
“Wow, I promise to take good care of her.” Kit was impressed and talk of Afghanistan reminded her of Colt. She prayed every night before she went to bed and every morning when she woke up that he stayed safe.
The fire chief came out from the open garage door and told the men to finish up and to head upstairs for a meeting. Bud gave Maize one last pet and Jess said he’d call her. Kit said good-bye and she and Maize took off jogging back towards her home. Jess watched the pretty little thing practically sprint away and he smiled; something he hadn’t done much of since returning from Afghanistan.

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