Black Widow - kindle ebook by by PJ Adams

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I've written bestselling romantic thrillers. I've seen my face plastered all over glossy magazines. I've had my books optioned by big-time producers for the movies. I've been around.

But with Black Widow I wanted to try something different. With Black Widow I wanted to be bad.

I wanted to write a novel that pushed the boundaries. A romance novel that got really dark and edgy. A thriller that kept readers right on the edge of their seats, never quite sure if my protagonist was going to come good and triumph.

I wanted to take the dark romance genre and write a lead character with spirit: Eleanor Dryton is no pushover. She's been dragged down, she's lost everything she'd ever treasured, and now she's emerging on the other side and looking for revenge.

And I wanted to turn it all into a love story.

It was quite a challenge, and it really was fun to write.

Did I succeed? Well here are some of the early reader responses on GoodReads:

"This story is dark and twisted. I liked it."

"My fave part is the ending. Not because the book was over, but because of the huge twist. I won't give it away, but BRAVA Ms. Adams"

"I had a hard time putting this one down...

"Wow... Just wow! It was 'dark & twisty', kept me hooked and had plot twists that keep you guessing! Kudos to PJ Adams, I loved this book & would definitely recommend!"

I really hope Black Widow manages to both disturb and move you. It did exactly that to me when I was writing it...

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