Children of the Shaman by Jessica Rydill

Free from 11th-18th August:

For those of you who thought that shamans were hoary old men with a pipe, and feathers in their hair – think again.
In the shamanworld, they have powers the others could only dream of. The human species is evolving and people are being born for whom telepathy is natural, and dreams are real. They can travel into other dimensions, heal wounds – and fight without weapons.

Yuda Vasilyevich is one of these. He’s also a Wanderer – member of an outcast race cursed to journey through the world without settling. His father wanted him to become a doctor, and his mother hoped he would be a musician. Instead he married out and then ran away from home, abandoning his wife and two children. His family had to bring them up while he worked as a guard on the railway – one of the most dangerous jobs in Lefranu.

Now his children are teenagers, Yuda has returned to claim them. His wife is dead and his sister is seriously ill. But his teenage son is no shaman, and loves reading and music; it is his daughter who has inherited her father’s talent. As he takes them with him on a mission to the frontier town of Gard Ademar, Yuda realises too late that he has made a choice which will put all their lives in danger; for their arrival will stir up a forgotten and ancient evil, one that affects their family in a direct and extraordinary way.