Dark Dreams White Lies - an Adult Romance by Miranda Mailer

Dark Dreams White Lies: Exposed, and Adult Romance novel by Miranda Mailer is FREE on Amazon Kindle on 17 and 18 August 2014!


This sizzling romance by acclaimed new author, Miranda Mailer is sure to please the legions of fifty Shades and crossfire fans.  Jack Stafford is the hottest of alpha male heros; but more than that, the characters of Jack and Kara are so believable that you'll get into Kara's head and live the twists and turns of their stormy relationship.

Kara Decker is working under cover to investigate a technology billionaire in Silicon Valley. But when the dark stranger takes more than a casual interest in her, Kara has to fight to avoid being professionally compromised by this man. Money. power and looks are a very difficult combination to resist, and Jack Stafford has them in spades. Kara even finds herself dreaming about the man. How will Kara get close to this man and still keep her professional integrity intact?

Kara desperately wants to believe Jack Stafford is clean, but it's not as simple as that. Billionaires tend to have secrets hidden away and Jack Stafford has as many as anyone. The more she attempts to discover the real Jack Stafford, the deeper she becomes involved with him. The questions multiply for Kara, but they come down to one thing: can she trust him?