Life is Binary - Self Help book by Vivbala

This book is a compelling account of an ordinary working mans' awakening to the reality of the connectedness of all life and Intelligent Awareness. After suffering with panic attacks for some time he searched deeply for reasons and solutions. He uncovered a whole lot more than he was looking for and through his dedication we have here a wondrous account of the knowledge and wisdom he gleaned. A door is opened to the knowing that this consciousness is available to us all. He lays out simple steps and choices we can make to move towards a personal experience of this natural inherent Universal Intelligence. He inspires us to know that a life unexplored and unexamined is a missed opportunity, a tragedy even, as the fruits of living with Awareness beyond the limited personal logical thinking self are immeasurable. The delights are infinite and the benefits not only to us personally but more importantly to human kind as a whole are deeply needed.