Doing Time On Planet Earth: A remembrance of my life as a "Baby Boomer" growing up in the 1950's



   My name is Gerald Ulmer. I was born in South - West Missouri, in 1949, to be raised with my three brothers and one sister by only my mother. A woman who loved her children and worked hard to provide for them as best she could, alone. and without the added support of my father, who, I’m sad to remember as a , ‘Sometimes’ dad.

   As a child, growing up in a very poor household during the nineteen fifties, childhood was sometimes very confusing for me; as I learned about life, love, and family loyalty, and the importance of’ family.

   The stories you will find in my book are all true, told as best as I can remember, from a childhood lived over a half a century ago; only a few years removed from ‘World War Two’.

   So long ago, that to me; it sometimes seems as though it all happened within someone else’s lifetime, or perhaps, just the memory of a movie I once watched. But no, myself and others in my age group will tell you, that the world back then was indeed, another time!

  You will find the stories in my book sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and perhaps, with the reading of my childhood memories, you will receive a glimpse of a time long past.

   Or perhaps, it will be a trip down memory lane to your own similar past, depending upon your age.

   No matter what your age; may you find pleasure and enjoyment as you look through the eyes of my youth, to a time and place that we can only journey, through our minds eye.

   You will find my book, “DOING TIME ON PLANET EARTH”, listed on Amazon Kindle books at this link:  listed for only $2.95 .

    Thanks for taking the time to read about, and consider adding my book to your collection!

                                                                           Sincerely, Gerald Ulmer