New Leaves, No Strings - kindle ebook by C.J. Fallowfield

Containing steaming hot sex scenes, alongside a health dose of romance, angst and humour, “New Leaves, No Strings” is most definitely not your usual New Adult book! It contains adult themes and is strictly for the over 18’s. I decided to quit a stressful career in the finance industry and work from home part time and try my hand at writing. So in November 2013, I put pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard, and completed my first draft in a few weeks. I held onto it for a while, too worried about self-publishing on Amazon for fear of ridicule, but a straight talking best friend insisted I give her a copy to read. I was amazed when she told me that it was a great read, with likeable characters that you could relate to, had a storyline that kept her hooked and enough hotness to make her blush and fan herself. Her partner has thanked me a few times for an increase in their sex life while she has been reading my series! She also gave me some constructive critique to help me tighten up and improve areas before I hit that scary “Submit” button on Amazon on 31st January 2014. While Mia Page, the main protagonist, is not based on me, there are certain aspects of my life that have crept into her story. One of the key ones being the way that she spots Gabe for the first time, bending over taking his books out of his rucksack and she falls in lust with his backside. This is how I first spotted my first love. Sadly, unlike the swoon worthy Gabe Austin, my delectable bottomed man turned out to be an actual ass, and was soon kicked to the curb! Happy Reading! CJ x

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