Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown - kindle ebook by Michele E. Gwynn

What began back in 2009 as a simple erotica quickly morphed into a tale of danger involving characters from several countries, a mystery, and finally a crime that crossed international boundaries.  Why?  Well, because you can only have so much sex in a book before it becomes boring, right?  Let's face it, when it's all said and done, there needs to be something to talk about - much like a hot affair!  So the erotica was tamed to pair well with the emerging storyline.  No less steamy for the effort, instead, the intrigue made it more so because of the anticipation and the engagement of all mental faculties.  Again, much like good sex.  The result was Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown; a book I'm proud to introduce to the world of avid readers.  The best part?  I'm already working on the next book featuring two of the supporting characters who really stood out ....and a cold case file mentioned whose time has come to be solved.

New from horror author Michele E. Gwynn; a venture into the genre of erotic mystery.  Sarah had no idea what she was getting herself into when she set out on her journey across Europe. A simple quest for sexual education ended up a lesson in heartbreak, an immersion into submission, and a headlong dash into danger as one seemingly kind, and handsome Dutchman hides deep, dark secrets while a New York City photographer and notorious womanizer threatens to steal her heart. Meanwhile, in the shadows, a predator stalks her best friend's brother coveting that which he cannot have, and plotting revenge against those responsible for taking it from him. Can Sarah survive the evil that awaits as she seeks out pleasure or will pleasure be the death of her?  A whirlwind journey across Western Europe into the heart of Berlin reveals a world where things are not quite as they seem.  Not your average erotica at all, but rather, an adventure and full immersion into suspense and intrigue.