Shared Skies Book One - kindle fantasy ebook by Josephine O'Brien

The Aurora Borealis as a dimension shifting portal?

The Black Death, a mind snatching invasion from another world? The Pied piper of Hamelin – Oh, no, stop, that's book two, you'll have to wait!

Vitrified stone in ancient, Scottish forts, can they really be the result of weapons from a parallel world?

Shared Skies opens up the possibilities of more worlds, how they have impacted on Earth for millennia and how one girl is expected to save them!

I thought this would be primarily, a young adult book, but the reaction from older readers has been amazing. I was asked to remove the YA tag!
 Five star reviews on Amazon, Good reads and Smashwords

"Unless you're one of those people who prefer your food a little bit on the charred side, don't sit down to read this book and try to cook at the same time. Shared Skies hooks you in and holds your attention from page one."

"This is one of those books you hate to end and then hate waiting for the next one to come out in the stores. "

  "'This was a fantastic read, I read it all just tonight, it's a "Can't Put It Down!" kind of story ... loved it!!!"