The Trojan Conspiracy - a suspense thriller by Erik Samdahl

In an instant, Ryan Harper mysteriously vanished. Six months later, he came back.

In the exciting new suspense thriller The Trojan Conspiracy, FBI agent Ryan Harper chases a killer into the woods only to vanish without a trace. Six months later, he returns just as mysteriously.

Following the return of Ryan Harper, his girlfriend and fellow agent Erin Kinsley is ecstatic. But Ryan is no longer the man he used to be. Haunted by nightmares and with no memory of what happened to him, Ryan is unknowingly a ticking time bomb. Aided by a mysterious and lethal woman whose motives are unclear, Ryan and Erin seek to uncover his secrets, but what they discover is a deadly and disturbing plot where no one is safe and nothing is sacred, including the mind.

The fast-paced thriller blends mystery, action and intrigue for an exciting, turn-paging read.

Author Erik Samdahl is the founder of, one of the most popular entertainment websites in the Pacific Northwest. His reviews have been read and shared by millions of readers, and he has been ranked as a top digital influencer on a variety of subjects.