That’s My Love Story - a romance novel by Santosh Kalwar

About the book

That’s My Love Story is a thought-provoking novel about the blurred lines between love and lust, adventure and personal journey. This story is for anyone who needs inspiration and motivation that there is another side to pain.

After experiencing deep pain and failure in relationships with several women, Prem, the young man has decided to quit life by jumping from a mountain cliff. But it takes twenty-four hours, on foot, to reach the cliff. Heartbroken and suicidal, he is yet riding high on the adventurous journey. On his way, Prem meets the old man who lives at the top of it. This old man is wise, smart, and intelligent and very similar to a spiritual guru. Together they both set forth on a journey—a journey of self-discovery, of immense discussion, and … about love. Why has he met the old man? What will happen to the heartbroken young man? Why would he plan to commit suicide by jumping from an inhabited spot? What lessons will Prem learn from his journey? Will he live or die for love? Why is this lover’s journey with an old man important?

All answers lie in the story.

Praises for the book

"Interesting this idea of when dreams are shattered, then the mind rules over the soul.”
Paulo Coelho (author of The Alchemist)

"That’s My Love Story by Santosh Kalwar is a wonderful story full of very good object lessons and very sound advice. I am intrigued by the story and its development. I think that the plot and the characterization is well done. The publisher, Mahaveer, obviously recognized the value of this story. There have recently been many excellent books from writers out of India, which are top notch and show a great depth of feeling and wisdom in their work. I love this story.”
– Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite

"It's a masterpiece." - Nirmal Kumar Thapa (Author of Yuvak)

“I nurture a sincere empathy for you, because being a science student you could venture to ride on a fiction, albeit fiercely based on your personal life. Bravo!”
– Reviewed by DB Gurung (author of Breaking Twilight)

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