The Experiment of Dreams - kindle ebook by Brandon Zenner

Who wouldn’t want to see a recording of their dreams, played out in intimate detail on a high resolution screen? Benjamin Walker sure did, especially after participating in hundreds of repetitive sleep-related studies and medication trials. So what if the experiment might be illegal, and the wealthy funder of the project is an obsessive art collector, who likes to remain elusive. Something tells Ben he can trust Dr. Peter Wulfric, the genius doctor who developed the machine, LUCY, and the nano-serum that responds to the neurons in his brain, like listening to music playing over a radio. The experiment pays well—cash—and takes Ben all over the world, studying art in all of the major art museums. This job is so good, that Ben’s alcohol problem is finally under control, and he’s even coming to terms over the death of his beloved wife, Emily. Meeting a beautiful girl in Paris sure helps. The lovely Sophia, a french goddess, who seems too good to be true.

Yes, Benjamin Walker’s life is finally turning around . . . until strange dreams of a town named Drapery Falls begin to plague him, and the carnal knowledge of something very bad taking place there. Is it only a dream? Who exactly are these people on board project LUCY?
And why is Ben going  . . . insane . . .

Long lost memories begin to reveal themselves. The doctors and staff onboard team Lucy are not who Ben thinks they are, and Mr. Kalispell will stop at nothing to keep Ben’s emerging memories buried for good. Ben is put on a collision course that will bring him to the brink of total insanity, and perhaps even death. At the heart of it all, Ben’s worst enemy is his own mind, and he must confront his past in order to save his future.